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S Konzert vom Drachenberg CD RN CGC TC "Strauss"

OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal
DM: Carrier

Strauss' Pedigree

The reason that Marcato is in existence.

The dog that ignited my passion for the German Shepherd Dog.

The dog who will have my heart forever.

I'll miss you for an eternity, Moobear.

April 13th, 2004-October17th, 2016
He loved me more


CH Marcato's Fire Lake HT "Soul Eater"

OFA: Good
Elbows: Normal
DM: Clear

Soul Eater's Pedigree

Soul hails from our first litter, born June 22nd, 2014. He is a littermate to CH Moto and Mikasa. Contrary to his name, Soul Eater is a big sugar bear. His moniker, like Mikasa's, hails from an anime, and much like the character he is named after, he is just a sweet guy who wants to be loved and appreciated. He was actually an owner return, and came back through no fault of his or his former owner. After coming to visit me for a little while to be trained to show, Soul was returned to his first owner. Turns out that Soul decided that I was the only person for him! I was strongly attached to him as a puppy and of course agreed to take him back, giving the former owner his younger brother instead. This boy, Roly Poly Soulie, Phil (such a long story), my big derp, has found his place here.


CH Marcato's Fire Inside "Moto"

OFA: Not Yet Tested
Elbows: Not Yet Tested
DM: Not Yet Tested

Moto's Pedigree

Moto does not live with us at Marcato, but resides with his co-owners, Rich Dalzotto and Michelle Linhart, in Venetia, PA. Moto is their first show dog and Marcato's first homebred champion. He was born on June 22nd, 2014, and is out of our first GCH Cowboy x GCH Wesson litter. Moto was actually repossessed from his first owner due to severe neglect. He has come quite a long way since then.

Moto lives to harass his family's cat, enjoys playing with Rich's two teenage kids, and is almost never without a stick in his mouth. He will be trained on sheep and will hopefully garner a couple of titles in 2017.



CH Ptd Marcato's Katmandu "Ouzo"

OFA: Excellent
Elbows: Normal
DM: Not Yet Tested

Ouzo's Pedigree

Ouzo is from the Bob Seger litter, born June 22nd, 2014. He is co-owned with Alyshia Funk of New Salem, PA. While he does not reside here, we are lucky that we get to remain part of his life. Ouzo is a happy, energetic, derpy boy who loves herding sheep and cuddling with anybody and anything. People, cats, other dogs... he doesn't care! Just snuggle him! He has both his majors already and needs only singles to finish. Alyshia will be owner handling him to his final points!
Ouzo has been graced with such nicknames as Ouzibear, Wicked Tuna, and, a personal favorite, Shoop Dog.


The Frikken Tikken or Little Yellow Buddy "Barrett"

Barrett is our little yellow cat who we rescued from the woods behind our rental home in Woodford, Virginia July 3rd, 2010. When found, he was approximately 6-8 weeks old, and so we guesstimate his birthday to be May 6th, 2010. Though comparatively small in stature, our 12.5 lb Little Yellow Buddy holds his own against the Shepherds. He can walk through "the gauntlet" with no fear of being harmed, and none of the dogs try to harm him. He often curls up with new puppies, seemingly wanting to comfort them as they make the transition into our home. He is an excellent cat to have around, not only to teach young dogs how to properly interact with a cat, but because he brings a smile to your face with his presence.