Though I am still considered a newbie to the German Shepherd Dog fancy (and my husband is a super newbie), I am still well aware that the future of our sport is with the next generation.

All too often it seems the conformation fancy forgets that entries are dwindling while performance entries continue to grow. Young folks need to be encouraged to join this venue of exhibition while also being encouraged to participate in other venues if they so choose.

There is no one venue that is better than another, and any participation in dog sports is GOOD participation! If kids are at a conformation show, or an agility trial, or out on a weekend tracking with their pets, they are not getting in trouble elsewhere.

Because of our strong belief in junior handlers and our desire to support junior showmanship, we would like to encourage any junior interested in any sort of exhibition to contact us (with parent permission of course), and we would be happy to discuss your interests with you!

It is our goal here to pass on not only a love for the German Shepherd Dog breed, but a love for training dogs, and learning how a truly deep bond can be established through hard work and dedication.

If a junior cannot afford to purchase one of our puppies, or other circumstances prevent them from owning a dog of their own, we are very willing to try and work out a mutually agreeable way for them to get involved. This could mean signing on to one of our finished adults or signing on to one of our younger dogs that can be exhibited both in juniors and in the breed ring.

We try to always be approachable and affable, so if you ever see us at a show, please, stop by to chat! We'd love to chat with you!