About the Founder! Learn about Jackie!

Me and Marcato's Katmandu "Ouzo" at six weeks

My name is Jackie Short-Nguyen and I currently reside in beautiful western Pennsylvania with my husband, Jon. At this time, we own three German Shepherd Dogs; Wesson, Mikasa, and Soul Eater. We also have a rescue cat named Barrett.
I compete in various sports with our dogs, including (but not limited to) conformation, rally, and herding. Due to a neurological disorder, I can no longer do as much of the physical conditioning as I would like, and so my husband aids me in keeping the animals in peak physical condition.

About Marcato! Learn how it all started!

Strauss just shy of 9 years. Photo credit Jennifer Chappell

Marcato Shepherds was founded on June 10th, 2004, the day I bought my first German Shepherd Dog, S Konzert vom Drachenberg "Strauss". I purchased him for a modest sum, and being a beginner, thought I could turn him into the next "Hatter". It wasn't to be and I was absolutely crushed. However, for all his flaws, he is by far the best dog I have ever owned. He has an uncanny desire to do any and everything I ask of him, he is always there, right by my side.

Strauss is my heart dog.

My goal for Marcato is to breed intelligent, sound dogs that excel in both conformation and performance venues. All of my dogs must prove themselves in performance trials or real life work. We believe that the best dogs are the ones with letters at both ends of their names.
This is Marcato German Shepherds.

- Jackie Short-Nguyen
Founder, Marcato German Shepherds